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Are you looking for a professional freelance translator/localizer from English or Japanese into Italian?
Then, you have reached the right place!

Let me introduce myself and the language services I can offer to you.

My name is Angelica Perrini, I am an Italian native speaker and I live and work in Puglia, the beautiful heart of Southern Italy.
I have been fascinated by foreign languages since my childhood and that’s why I decided to become a translator.

I graduated with honours in translation and interpreting (English and Japanese languages) at the University of Lecce in 2004 and then completed a post-graduate specialization course in Software and Website Localization in Turin. My degree program covered a wide range of translation skills and allowed me to acquire a command of all aspects and stylistic levels of my native language, i.e. Italian language. The specialization course program, on the other hand, specifically focused on CAT tools, web site and software localization, with a special view to translating GUI, online help and software documentation, and allowed me to gain new insights into the localization market, features and needs. Special attention was also drawn to the translation of operator’s manuals.
After completing the specialization course, I started working as a freelance translator/localizer, so fulfilling the dream of a lifetime: help people from different languages and cultures communicate with each other.

Over the past 11 years, I have been serving both companies and independent customers in the following subject areas:

Web contents
Software products
Technical documentation
User's manuals
Marketing/Communication texts
Corporate documentation
Bible-related articles and publications
Healtchare and General Medicine

Should you like to get your name added to the list of my enthusiastic customers, please feel free to ask for more information or a quote at elica1982@alice.it or elica1982@gmail.com 

Angelica Perrini
EN>IT, JA>IT Translator/Localizer
VAT No. IT06542440729